Museum voor natuur en landschap

Activities 2015


Fun for kids

There is much to learn for children about landscape and nature in Zeeland. Not in a boring way, but in a fun way with picture and sound, beautiful scale models, a large sea aquarium, skeletons, shells and stuffed animals.


Museum cafe

Both our museum cafe and the museum shop can be found in the glass extension in the forecourt of the beautiful historic conservatory. Coffee and home made cake, soft drinks and pure fruit juice, beer, wine and lunch are served both inside and outside.

The Obscure Animal Kingdom
till 24th of april 2016

An exciting exhibition on Nocturnal animals.
What makes a mole leave its nest? Do all owls only hunt at night? How do you recognize a moth? What does a badger feed on? Is a deer really nocturnal? Can bats see in the dark?