Museum voor natuur en landschap

Activities 2015

  • 21 and 28 July Medieval festival
  • 4,11 and 18 August Medieval festival


Fun for kids

There is much to learn for children about landscape and nature in Zeeland. Not in a boring way, but in a fun way with picture and sound, beautiful scale models, a large sea aquarium, skeletons, shells and stuffed animals.


Medieval festival
21 and 28 july; 4, 11 and 18 August

Experience the Middle Ages against the background of the motte-and-bailey castle in the landscape garden at Terra Maris)
Highlights are the demonstrations of sheep herding at 16.30 – 17.00 and 18.00 – 18.30.

The Obscure Animal Kingdom
till 24th of april 2016

An exciting exhibition on Nocturnal animals.
What makes a mole leave its nest? Do all owls only hunt at night? How do you recognize a moth? What does a badger feed on? Is a deer really nocturnal? Can bats see in the dark?