Museum voor natuur en landschap


28 juni - Moddermiddag
30 juni - Op pad met onze imker
2 juli - Het kruid van de dag
7 juli - Kijkje achter de schermen
10 juli - Van pulp tot papier
12 juli - Natuurspreekuur Speciaal
14 juli - Kijkje achter de schermen

Meer info over de activiteiten van juni


Sea aquarium

In the sea aquarium you can see the inhabitants of the North Sea from close by. Small sharks, tub gurnards, mullets, seabass and lots of other fish swim round the breakwaters Several flatfish lie hidden in the sand. Watch carefully; the longer you look, the more you see. Maybe even a crab will show itself.

Nature consultations: question time

Take your shells, fossils, feathers, bones, or other nature finds to the nature consultant. Our biologist Betty Ras or another expert will be glad to give you more information. Nature consultations are held every second Wednesday of each month. They are free of charge and are held between 13.30h and 15.30h. But attention please: not in school holidays.

Guessing showcase

Lastly, after having seen everything in the museum and the garden, you will find a showcase with one object  near the exit. Do you know what is in it? Fill out the form and put it in the “letterbox” at the showcase. Three winners are drawn from the correct answers. Who knows, you might win a nice prize.