Museum voor natuur en landschap


28 juni - Moddermiddag
30 juni - Op pad met onze imker
2 juli - Het kruid van de dag
7 juli - Kijkje achter de schermen
10 juli - Van pulp tot papier
12 juli - Natuurspreekuur Speciaal
14 juli - Kijkje achter de schermen

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Fun for kids

There is much to learn for children about landscape and nature in Zeeland. Not in a boring way, but in a fun way with picture and sound, beautiful scale models, a large sea aquarium, skeletons, shells and stuffed animals. Several types of landscape in Zeeland can be seen in the landscape garden and you can catch small water animals in the ponds with a landing net. Or you can go to the climbing frames. And don't forget to climb the motte-and-bailey castle.

Several times during Summer there is a medieval festival in the landscape garden.