museum voor
natuur & landschap van Zeeland


Museum Terra Maris

Terra Maris, meaning “land from the sea”  is the museum for the natural scenery of the province of Zeeland.
The museum is established in the former conservatory of Westhove Castle, in the beautiful nature reserve “De Manteling van Walcheren” , between Oostkapelle and Domburg. (Dutch “manteling” = protection against the wind)
A varied and lively exhibition takes you through the history of the landscape of Zeeland and shows the rich diversity of the natural scenery.
Discover the dynamic nature of the Delta, the many reclamations and the countless villages that were wiped off the map by the sea.
And… be surprised by today's landscape.

The museum cafe and the shop can be found in the glass reception room at the front. Behind the museum is a beautiful 2,5 hectare landscape garden.

Terra Maris often has short-term exhibitions and several activities take place through the year.