museum voor
natuur & landschap van Zeeland


Playing in the landscape garden

Seen the museum? Then go to the garden and have fun climbing the pyramids, trying to keep your balance on the balance beam, playing in the sandpit, or hiding in the snail shell made of willow branches. Adults are invited to join in, but they can also have a rest on one of the picnic benches.

Catching small water animals in the ponds

There are two ponds in the garden, where you can go fishing from a wooden jetty with a small landing net. You are likely to catch not only small fish, but also several other water animals. Have a good look at them. Don't forget to put them back into the water when you are finished.


Even insects need a nest or a hole. Terra Maris lends a hand and has provided insect hotels, hanging from an old wall. The hotels are made of slices of tree stumps with drilled holes in them or hollow sticks that are tied together. Each insect can choose its own room. Do you see them fly?

Climbing the motte-and-bailey castle

At the back of the garden is the high motte-and-bailey castle. It is a defense tower from the middle ages. Climbing the tower is allowed, of course.