museum voor
natuur & landschap van Zeeland


Landscape garden

Terra Maris does not only have an indoor exhibition; the museum also boasts a 2,5 hectares'  landscape garden. Several types of landscape from Zeeland are shown over here on a small scale. Part of a dune landscape, for instance. And the remains of a creek,. But also an insect wall and a segment of a protective sea dike

There is much more to discover.  Plant lovers have much to enjoy, because of the presence of the characteristic plants of the different landscape types in each of these places. Children can fish to their heart's content from a walkway with scoop nets in a pond full of life. Nice to catch as many different animals as possible. Climb the vliedberg (a knoll, serving as a refuge) with the Motte-and-bailey castle (medieval defense tower) and enjoy the beautiful view!