Museum voor natuur en landschap


Let it blow! - until 22nd of april 2019

From Fulmar to Windfarm Bouwdokken

It shapes the landscape of Zeeland, it spreads seeds, it is used by birds, people play with it AND it provides clean energy... Who does all that? The wind, of course!

This interactive exhibition shows what the wind really is, why it blows, how nature is attuned to wind, and what people have learned from that.

Highflyers or fastdroppers; the shape of plant seeds definitively is no coincidence. Why do birds naturally possess the perfect abilities for their aerobatics? Ever heard of a flying goat? And what has an owl's feather to do with a wind turbine? How much wind energy is produced by the windturbines in the Windfarm Bouwdokken and how much wind force can you make? Have fun at the big technique wall or feel what the mechanic at the nacelle of such a turbine goes through; definitively not for those with fear of heights!

You will leave this refreshing exhibition with the wind in your hair (and a selfie, of course)