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Motte-and-bailey castle

In May 2011, a wooden fortification was built on a raised earthwork in the landscape garden of Terra Maris. A motte-and-bailey castle is one of the oldest types of castle. It was a fortified dwelling place for noblemen. Such a castle consisted of an upper court and a lower court. The upper court was a large artificially raised earthwork (motte) protected by a wooden fence. A wooden building was placed on it, for both living and defense. Daily life took place in the lower court (bailey) There would be a farm, a chapel, stables, barns and  the servants' quarters. The area was surrounded by a moat. The only visible remains of those motte-and-bailey castles are the raised earthworks that can be seen in several places in Zeeland, mainly in Walcheren.

The  motte-and-bailey castle is 10 m high and is made of wood. It is on a 4m-high motte and is fitted out with a simple medieval interior. The top floor allows a beautiful view of the surroundings of Terra Maris.

The castle is open daily during opening hours of the museum. Admittance is included in the museum's entrance fee.

This project is co-financed by the European Agricultural fund for rural development.
Europe invests in its countryside.


This project is made possible by contribution of the province of Zeeland (from the fund for the National Landscape of Southwest Zeeland), the Rural Development Program, the National Postal Code Lottery and the Zeeland Landscape Foundation