museum voor
natuur & landschap van Zeeland


“Vikings in Walcheren? Tales, finds, facts and myths.”  

The early medieval trading post Walichrum was located north-easterly of present-day Domburg. This settlement used to be of the same importance as the rivertown of Dorestad and Quentovic at the north shore of France. This exhibition gives an insight in everyday life in Walichrum during the period that the Vikings were here.  All items are part of the archeological collection of the Koninklijk Zeeuws Genootschap der Wetenschappen, unless mentioned otherwise.

Translated: The Royal Scientific Society of Zeeland, often shortened to “Het Zeeuws Genootschap” (The Society of Zeeland or KZGW)  Founded in Vlissingen in 1769 and established in Middelburg since 1801. The initial ambition of The Society was: “to collect everything that God had created” and learn from it. Subsequently extended to the wish to contribute to scientific knowledge, locally and internationally, by studying the collections. Ending in today’s focus on anything that has to do with Zeeland.  The designation “Royal” was added in1969, at the 200th anniversary.  This year is the 250th anniversary of the KZGW.  Several different exhibitions are being displayed all over the province of Zeeland, six of them showing objects at their place of origin.